22 Nov 2014

Revisiting old photos

When I'm away up in the top of Scotland and at a loss after dealing with unpleasant incidents, I find myself reminiscing.  I came across these pics and sighed and smiled.

Isn't she byadifoo?

I just adore her.

16 Nov 2014


I've been asked, by colleagues in our gorgeous staff restaurant, to make cards recently.  They are so appreciative - which is such a buzz - plus it gives me a chance to unwind after work. Everyone wins....... The kind of transactions I love.

Here are a couple from last weeks requests

And this

I'm on a few days leave and have other orders to catch up on as I take a break, take stock and refresh before my epic journey back up north.

Catch you soon x

14 Oct 2014

Back in the zone

I've not needed to create or express myself for over a year now.  More recently the will to pick up a pair of scissors, for my own therapy, had been non existent.

But after the weekend just gone, my hunger to make stuff has multiplied in numbers I can't even describe.

My room in Aberdeen has been stocked with a gabillion supplies and, as winter draws, I'll hibernate under a mountain of pretty things until daylight is back, plentiful, and the sun is shining again.

I'll share makes soon.

Until then, here's something completely random.

22 Sep 2014

Craft classes

So glad I'm able to create and share ideas down here in the Glen!!!

I'm going to be teaching this class with colleagues soon and inspire a new army of creativity.

I think the surrounding villages will be a wonderful place to spread the live if craft, too.

Thank goodness my craft bug never left!!!

22 Aug 2014

Dawn of a new era

Celebrating with coffee.


16 Aug 2014

In her mind

Ellie does wonderful things in ways we only discover by incident.  Conversation is generally excitement on her terms.  It revolves around animals, dinosaurs and anything cute.  Her interests are minimal.  She is not into fashion.  Never uses her mobile phone (the one we bought for her 13th birthday still has it's first credit in there!).  She couldn't care less about current affairs.  She has no aspirations.  She is not forthcoming.

But all that is insignificant.

What she is, is utter melt-in-the-mouth heaven.  We recently went to the beach and I made these.

But she trumped my skills and she came up with this.

How she communicates her little pots of fun and knowledge is rather beautiful if but a rare occurrence.

I just adore her.

And I really, really miss her.

12 Aug 2014

Be kind

To all you meet.

You never know what battles they are fighting behind their convincing smiles.

We are human, not machines.

RIP Robin Williams