27 Mar 2014

Disturbance in the force

Today something really crap happened.

It resulted in this.

But in a short while, I'll get back to looking like this:

I think I need to reasses the way I've tried to live like this:

When, after a term of grief, I shall be replacing it with this:

From great sorrow do we appreciate the more simpler things in life.  Going through hardship and despair really does allow you to evaluate even the most minutest of detail that we often overlook.

Glad but not glad for this time, you know?


Di said...

Oh my dear girl, that first photo broke my heart. I've felt for a long while that something wasn't right in your life, I don't know what, but please know you're truly in my thoughts.

Don't publish this, just hold my words close to you for strength, composure and the future.

Sending you love and hugs

Di xx

Di said...

Poop, it published!! I didn't realise that would happen, but I still mean every word chick!


Sharon said...

You poor soul. X in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things get better soon. Xxxxx

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, your first photo could have been me a few days ago, I've been having a sorrowful week too :( Your other photos and inspirational words really cheered me though, thank you hun :) Carole Z X

Clare said...

Hi Kirsty
Unfortunately it is the shitty times which makes us hang on to the good stuff and grieve and let go of what we thought was important and good but in the clear light of day wasn't.
Having a similar episode myself at the mo although I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - it's there and I am heading for it - so will you honestly!
X x x x

Deanne said...

Those days/weeks/months are the worst but we learn from them, I hope you come through the other side shining brighter than before x

Clair Matthews said...

Sending (((HUGS))) your way Kirsty xxx

ginny c said...

Hope you are okay soon sending you lots of hugs

Jackie said...

I' m wishing you well Kirsty, and hope you can get through your troubles.

Debo said...

Oh Kirsty. Just sending hugs.
We're going through a bad time at the moment, just one shitty thing after another, through no fault of our own. You just want it to stop and get away from it all but you can't. It's like your shadow...attached. But one day we will wake up and we WILL have got through it.

Amber Harrop said...

Hanging in there chicken I would hug you if I could and try and help you - hope things are getting better xx