30 Mar 2014

The sweetest thing

This is Jam Tot - the pet name for Lisa and Pete's little bundle of pink.  Lisa runs a small but fascinating business selling posh home made jams and preserves over HERE - who doesnt love a bit of jam?

I had the honour of trialling a new set of props with Jam Tot and she proper stole my heart.  First rule of the day was that Momma would allow me as many cuddles as possible.  With her tiny 5lb 12oz body in my hands, my ovaries were reduced to mush.  I could cry when holding newborns; they are incredibly beautiful and so fragile.  I keep weeping since that episode on Thursday!

Without further ado - here is little Jam Tot in all her beautifulness! 

An additional side note - i will not and will always refuse to "over edit" babies.  Babies are perfectly perfect they way they are - no sun damage, no wrinkles, nothing but new skin and pinkiness.

I bought this antique dolls bed from ebay the other day and it arrived on the day of the shoot.  Its knocked about a bit but I'm keeping it that way - gorgeous, right?  

I wanted to share this image last because, well, i was FASCINATED with how Jam Tot is being fed.  the poor little love is tongue tied and can neither bottle or breast feed.  So Lisa is feeding her from a little cup - AMAZING.  She drinks beautifully from it and doesn't choke - I mean, come on???!!!  ITS INCREDIBLE how humans can adapt.  Im in awe!!!!

Im looking for more newborns between 5 and 8 days old if you know anyone who would like a test shoot in return for a fine art print.  Call or text 07788 994046 if you have a newborn that we can spoil and fuss over at our large, airy and comfortable studio x

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Joy Martin said...

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Debo said...

She is SO scrumptious!!!!!