4 Apr 2014

Flower crowns

There are some huge changes being made with how I run my photography business.  I've learned so many had lessons about how clients try and screw you over images and how to deal with those who want everything on disc, edited, for £20.  It makes me wonder how they think I can afford rent, training, expensive equipment, props, insurance and hours editing images.


To kick start these changes, I've been making these.  They will be flower garlands/crowns once complete. They're still a working progress but I've had orders already from pro photogs wanting them as props too.

I share the finished results soon.

Exciting times.


MissyG said...

These are gorgeous - very realistic

Carole Z said...

These are looking fab! X

Debo said...

These are beautiful Kirsty!

Keep strong, you deserve to be treated much better!

Amber Harrop said...

They look gorge- you are a talented lady and people should value you for the wonderful person you are darn them :) xx